Clarinet Fusion, a San Francisco Bay Area clarinet choir, is the result of the inspiration, hard work, and determination of founder Karyn Weber. Begun as a quartet/quintet in the fall of 2009, Clarinet Fusion performed several concerts each year until the spring of 2012 when it expanded to a full choir that included the extended range of the harmony clarinets.

On June 28, 2012 Clarinet Fusion held its debut performance as a clarinet choir. They were led under the baton of Dr. Lawrence E. Anderson, U.C. Davis Director of Bands-Emeritus. In the fall of 2014 Clarinet Fusion, with all the skills they had built under the baton of Dr. Anderson, took the next step of its evolution: performing in the classical style of a chamber music group without a conductor.

In addition to playing the standard clarinets, various members also have experience playing other instruments such as: A and C clarinet, flute, french horn, trumpet, baritone horn, tuba, piano, percussion, electric bass, and the saxophone family: soprano, alto, Bb tenor, C melody tenor, and baritone.

The members of Clarinet Fusion collectively boast nearly 400 years of music playing experience, with a majority of that on clarinets. They represent membership in 18 other local music and performing groups including:

Awesome Orchestra, Brentwood Concert Band, California Repercussions Marching Band, Castro Valley Chamber Orchestra, Contra Costa Wind Symphony, Danville Community Band, Hayward Municipal Band, Livermore-Amador Symphony, Oakland Civic Orchestra, Ohlone Community Band, Ohlone Wind Orchestra, Oakland Civic Orchestra, Quintaire Woodwind Quintet, Star Struck Theater (Fremont), Pleasanton Community Concert Band, Prometheus Symphony Orchestra, Tri-Valley Theatre (Livermore), Walnut Creek Concert Band

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